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About Us –  We are homeowners with families who care about our communities and the welfare of our neighbors and neighborhoods.  We want to help prevent people from becoming victims of crime and to prevent children from falling out of windows.

Over the course of many years we searched for security devices that would allow us to keep our windows open and block criminal from getting in through our open windows. Not one single product on the market gave us the full sense of security that allowed us to trust it 100%. Not one single product gave us the type of adjustable flexibility we felt was important for people to fully enjoy the freedom of their homes.

Because we were not able to find a device that truly allowed us to keep our windows open and feel safe, we set out to invent a better solution. The Lock-it Block-it with its patented design, strength, and ease of adjustment is the one device that lives up to its promise.

Our Mission – To stop children from falling out of open windows.  To stop criminals from breaking into homes through windows. 

To provide an affordable home security solution that everyone can afford.  To provide a device that helps people protect their homes, their families, and themselves.  To build a product that works - no gimmicks, no lies, no junk.  We want to help everyone enjoy the freedom and comfort of their home without the worry.

Story - How it began –  I invented this product after one night of easily breaking into my home. My wife and I were in our back yard laughing it up with neighbors for a half hour. When we went to enter our house, the doors were locked. Our three young daughters were playing music and couldn't hear us calling their names.

I searched for a way into our home and found a window that was unlocked. I pulled out the screen and easily pried the window open. Within in 30 seconds I was in my home standing in my study.

Surrounded by photos of my daughters, I realized how it easy it was for some criminal or deranged person to enter my home. I realized that while I was in the back yard having a good time, someone could have broken into my home and caused harm to my children. I would have been at fault because I didn't properly protect my home. That was a heartbreaking and sobering realization.

It was at that moment that I determined to find a window security product that truly blocked criminals from getting in through my open windows. If I couldn't find one, I would invent one.

The next day I went to Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace Hardware. They had devices that did not give me the greatest sense of confidence. So, I invented the Lock-it Block-it.

This high impact device is made of reinforced plastic that extends to fit the most common sized windows. You can keep your windows open day and night at safe heights without the worry.

This is a truly honest product that does what it says. No gimmicks. Now you can sleep at night with your windows open. Now you don't have to worry about your children falling out of open windows. Now you can leave you home and leave your windows open.

Buy it for yourself, your family, your elderly parents, and your children who are going to college or moving out.

Contact Us – Please email us at support@lockitblockit.com with any questions.    

Contact Us – Phone: 1-720.256.8333.    

Contact Us – Address: Lock-it Block-it, LLC, 14151 Zuni Street, Broomfield, CO 80023