Home Security

Home Security

The average homeowner or dweller isn't aware how easy the average door is to kick open, or how easily a window can be pried open. It's important for all of us to take a close look at our homes from a burglar's view point to see how easy it may be for someone to gain entry. The next step is to increase our security for home purposes to protect ourselves and families.

The truth is over 4 million burglaries occur each year. According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 12 to 15 seconds. On average, at least 1 out every 10 home is burglarized each year – in cities and suburbs. Criminal aren't just stealing TVs and computers. They're stealing appliances and your personal information. What is more disturbing – 60% of all rapes occur to women who are in their homes during a burglary.

Home security shouldn't be a distant after thought once a home is purchased. It should be a primary consideration while looking at homes. In fact, knowing what to avoid, such as homes hidden behind high bushes, or located near pawn shops, can save home buyers a lot of trouble later. Learning about home security at the outset of buying a home and then quickly applying security for home techniques soon after the home is purchased can mean the difference in becoming a burglar victim.

The weakest link to any home is the window. The more windows your home has, the more at risk you are. An astonishing 25% - 30% of home break-ins occur through windows.

Burglars select targets based on a number of key factors. Below is a summary of some of the key factors that govern a burglar's selection process. Increase your in home security so that you're not targeted.

1) A primary factor burglars take into account when targeting homes are if they are easy to break into. Burglars look for homes with weak door frames, weak door structures, and inadequate locks which can easily be kicked in and tampered with. They look for windows that haven't been well maintained and can easily be pried open. They look for homes with no type of home security.

2) The majority of burglars prefer to break into a home, be it an apartment or house that is unoccupied. The path of least resistance is the preferred path. Burglars will peer through kitchen windows and read the notes on refrigerators, calendars, cabinets, etc. They search for information about when a home will be empty. They survey homes of interest beforehand and watch for patterns of when people leave and return every day.

3) They choose targets that are closets to an escape route such as fire escapes, back doors, and alleys.

4) Burglars look for homes that have left their windows wide open and for doors that are unlocked. More than 30% of all apartment burglars gained access through an open door or window. They will take note of whether a fence is left open, if keys are left in the doors, if garage doors are left open frequently, and if people with yards leave toys, bikes, and anything of worth laying in the yard that can be quickly confiscated and easily carried off.

5) A common prank often played by city kids is a common practice for burglars. For apartments that have buzzers in the main entrance, burglars will buzz each apartment until someone lets them in. They'll also read the names on mail boxes searching for apartments that have a woman’s first name listed. Instead of using your first name, use your first initial.

All home security experts advise that homeowners and renters protect themselves, families and homes through a method called "Target Hardening." Although it's recommended to have an alarm system, it's highly recommended to equip homes to physically make it difficult for criminals to get into your home.

The Lock It Block It is security for home that effectively Target Hardens home windows like no other home security burglar bar. This security bar literally blocks burglars and young children from attempting to force open a window beyond its set point. Adjust the Lock It Block It home security bar to allow your window to remain open a few inches, and that's as far as the window goes.

Use the Lock It Block It as your secondary window lock to strengthen your in home security system and allow you to enjoy your open windows. For increased security and peace of mind, it's recommended two use two devices per window, one in each window track.