Energy Bill Savings

Home energy costs are always in flux and seemingly always on the rise. It may be difficult to figure out how to measure the cost of a kilowatt, but it's easy to see how expensive it is to cool a home. Utility bills over $200 dollars a month are enough to cause homeowners to consider how to reduce energy costs while remaining cool.

The best energy savings method is to safely keep home windows open during the night and morning to fill the house with abundant cool air. This will reduce energy cost and waste because air conditioners and fans can be used less. However, without the proper home security, this is risky. Windows should never be left open, day or night, without being secured.

The Lock It Block It helps to reduce that risk and increase energy savings. These security bars pays for themselves in many ways, one being from reduced energy costs. Now you can keep your windows open and let the cool air fill your home while your open windows remain secured.

The Lock It Block It is ideal for homes that don't have central air or window air conditioners. You want to leave your windows open at night, but fear you can't. You then wake up to a hot and humid house that is unbearable. Used as recommended, proper precaution, and two devices per windows, you can now keep your windows open at night and enjoy the comfort of your home.

Reap the energy savings rewards and live in comfort with the Lock It Block It home security burglar bar.