Fight Crime

Crime Fighting

One of the best ways to fight crime is to prevent crime from happening in the first place. As homeowners and renters we can take control and prevent crime right at our own window sills. Avoid putting yourselves in a position where you have to confront an aggressive, determined criminal or drug addict inside your home. Increase your physical home security and make your home as difficult as possible for someone to break into.

Crime fighting doesn't have to involve a struggle, or weapons, or physical confrontation. Many homeowners have some type of weapon within reach of their beds, in their closets, or readily accessible. This is needed in the event that an intruder breaks into our homes and threatens our families.

Unfortunately the vast majority of people aren't equipped for crime fighting and defending themselves against an aggressive, determined, and experienced criminal. The result is that many homeowners are injured by their own weapons of defense or worse.

The best crime fighting method is to go on the offensive far in advance to fight crime. Lock windows with good window locks and home security burglar bars. Make it as difficult as possible for a criminal, burglar or drug addict to get into your home in the first place. Once a burglar or intruder knows that they can't breach your in home security system, they'll quickly move onto another home. You will have avoided getting in a dangerous and threatening situation with a potentially armed criminal.

Another simple method is to start a neighborhood crime watch in your neighborhood and post signs. Criminals will take the path of least resistance. They will most likely avoid homes in neighborhoods that appear to take a strong stance against crime. A neighborhood watch alerts potential burglars that people are united and vigilant.

Create a web site, or at least have a neighborhood email list. Use the email list to alert each other of suspicious criminal activity around the neighborhood as it's happening. This will help neighbors from stumbling into a bad situation. This will also help galvanize people to take necessary actions to thwart the criminal activity such as calling the police.

Fighting crime is better left to the police. Preventing crime is best left to each and every one of us. Keep the criminals on the outside while keeping you and your family safe on the inside.