Leave Home Windows Open

Leave Home Windows Open

We all enjoy having open windows. We like the fresh air. We enjoy the breeze. We like the coolness of the night while we sleep. Even our pets like the open windows. We also like the freedom of living comfortably in the safety of our homes.

Unfortunately, there's a price to pay for that freedom. Open windows invites crime…even in the best of neighborhoods. Many of us live with a false sense of security that our neighborhoods are safe because we have good neighbors, a dog, an alarm system, or we live in suburbia.

Nonetheless, we all want to leave windows open. We want to go to the store without locking every window before we leave. We want to know that our children are safe while we're away from the house. We want to be able to sleep at night without thinking a criminal, a drug addict, or worse may crawl through the window. We want security, peace of mind, and comfort in the one place where we deserve it – our homes.

The Lock It Block It is designed to meet those needs. Designed to deter crime, this truly unique yet simple home security bar does what the name says it does. It locks your windows open at a desired height and blocks burglars from attempting to break in. It also blocks children from falling out of open windows.

Now you can feel more secure about leaving your windows open at a safe height. Once placed in the window tracks you can set it and forget it. Adjust the security bars to an opening window height you desire with a push a button –1 inch, 2 inches, 4 inches, etc. (in home security experts recommend not to leave windows open any more than 6 inches and only 4 inches if small children are in the home).

Enjoy the liberating feeling and peace of mind knowing that your home is now more secure than before. Along with good personal judgement about your own home's security, the Lock-it Block-it is an effective burglar deterrent and childproof device.