Quick Benefits

Quick Benefits

The Lock It Block It is a truly unique yet simple home security burglar bar that does what the name says it does. It locks your window open at a desired height and blocks burglars from attempting to break in. It also blocks children from falling out of open windows. It's also a secondary locking device that serves as a double lock when your windows are closed. Lock windows completely shut and feel safe. Although no security device is 100% effective against crime, including the Lock-it block-it, burglar bars make it difficult for burglars to force open a window.

The Lock-it Block-it is the one security burglar bar for your windows and patio doors that answers the following age-old questions:

  • How do I keep my upright window open and securely locked at a safe height?
  • How do I secure a device in my window and not have it fall out when the window is pulled down?
  • How can I easily adjust my window to different heights and lock it in place?
  • How can I be sure that this product I bought can actually deter criminals from forcing my windows open?
  • How can I prevent my children from falling out of my open window?
  • How can I prevent my children from reaching and removing the device?
  • How do I do all of this without buying ugly grates and iron bars that screw into my window, deface my property, blocks my view, and makes me feel like a prisoner in my home?
  • How can I secure my window and be able to get out in case of an emergency?

The Lock-it Block-it is the perfect security bar for your windows. Below are the benefits that make this product much more effective than the other burglar bar on the market.

  • Feel secure in your home.
  • Burglar proof and childproof your home at an affordable price.
  • Keep your windows open and feel safer and more secure.
  • Secondary window lock - use with your window lock and double your home security.
  • No longer worry about your child falling out of an open window.
  • Enjoy peace of mind about your daughters who live alone.
  • Feel safer when you have to leave your children alone at home (parents should never leave children home alone).
  • Fits securely in your window track.
  • Sleep at night with your windows open a few inches and feel safer.
  • Finally, an affordable and quality window home security burglar bar.
  • Don't get burglarized again.
  • Save on energy bill - reduce energy bill by reducing the need to use air conditioners as often.
  • Pays for itself – extra locks help reduce insurance premiums by 5%.
  • It's portable - The Lock It Block It can be easily removed from a window track and taken on trips away from home. Use it in hotel and motel rooms to increase your safety in unfamiliar locations.
  • Because this security bar is easy to remove, it compliments fire safety. If a fire starts, you need to be able to quickly use any possible fire escape route you can. Either pull the Lock It Block It from the window track, or quickly adjust it all the way up to open the window wider for an escape. Your fire safety and home fire escape plan should be taken into consideration when purchasing window bars, window gates, or window stops.
  • The Lock-it Block-it does all this. Designed to be a theft deterrent and child proof child safety lock, it does what the name says it does – allows you to keep windows open or closed and provides an additional level of home security. In a short period of time, this burglar bar pays for itself.

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