Order the Lock-it Block-it Home Security.

The Lock It Block It window bar sets itself apart from competitive in a number of ways. Below is a list of features that make this security window bar an ideal addition to an in home security system.

Doesn’t obstruct the view

The Lock-it Block-it is a 1 inch by 1 inch rectangular security window bar that sits in the window track out of site. It doesn't obstruct the view. When in the window track, it can barely be seen. For windows with curtains, the device won't be seen at all. This is a huge difference compared to window bars, grills, and gates that look unappealing and block the view.

Fits most popular window sizes

The maximum extended length of the Lock-it Block-it is 31 inches. Fully collapsed, the length is 17 inches.

The smallest window the Lock-it Block-it fits is 42 inches. You will only be open that size window no more than 1 inch. You can use a fine-toothed saw to cut the device to fit smaller windows.

The largest window the Lock-it Block-it fits is 6 feet. When fully extended, there will be a 4 inch opening remaining. This is small enough to prevent toddlers from falling out and small enough to prevent criminals from getting in.

Fits in window tracks 1 inch or wider

The maximum width of the Lock-it Block-it cylinder is 1 x 1 inches. This makes this window bar an ideal and snug fit for most windows. Your window track must be at least 1 inch wide to fit the Lock It Block It. The device will not fit in window tracks less than an inch wide.

Light weight

The weight of one Lock-it Block-it device is approximately a half pound.

Easy to install – no tools required

The Lock-it Block-it can be attached to window track or window sash per the customer's preference. An ideal means of attachment is the use of Velcro. When properly attached, Velcro is very effective for holding the Lock-it Block-it in place. A minimum of three 1 inch strips of Velcro is supplied with the device. However, it's recommended that customers purchase longer strips to be used with the supplied Velcro.

Made of high-strength plastics

The Lock-it Block-it is comprised of 60% PVC and 40% ABS plastic. The combined wall thickness of both cylinders is as thick as two nickels. Separated, the wall of each cylinder is as thick as one nickel. The wall thickness of this in home security window bar is thicker than the copper sheet of the Statute of Liberty.

Options for easy adjusting

The Lock-it Block-it has a series of 13 holes for easy adjustments of approximately 1 inch each.

While in the window track, push in the double headed push pin, slide the device to a length of your choice and lock the cylinders in place with the push pin.

Doesn’t scratch windows

The head and the foot of the Lock-it Block-it are fitted with rubber caps to protect the window from being scratched by the Lock-it Block-it.

The foot of the Lock-it Block-it has an elongated rubber cap. This is to accommodate older windows that may have large gaps between the window and the window frame.

Blends in with most windows

The Lock It Block It is currently available in one color - white.

Ready to use out of the package

One package contains all that is needed to start using this window bar immediately and to enhance your in home security system - two Lock-it Block-it devices and six 1x1 inch Velcro strips, 3 for each device.